EMR3 DEUTZ - Автозапчасти и автоХитрости

Автозапчасти и автоХитрости
Автозапчасти и автоХитрости
Автозапчасти и автоХитрости
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Описание топливной системы EMR3 DEUTZ

1 = fuel tank 7 = ECU 12 = engine main plug (X17)
15 = Diagnosis-, -button, -plug, -lamp.
21 = indicating instrument
2 = prefilter 
8 = high pressure reservoir, Rail
12a = connection harness ECU <-> engine
16 = ignition key (clamp 15)
22 = Battery (clamp 31, 30)
3 = fuel pump 
8a = DBV = high pressure limiting valve (closed: Pmax = 1800bar, opened: Pmax ~ 700bar)
12b = customer specific harness
17 = switchable function (eg. fixed speed 1-2, droop 1-2 etc.)
4 = fuel filter 9 = injectors 12c = engine harness 18 = clutch switch
5 = fuel high pressure pump
10 = Railpressure sensor
13 = EGR exhaust gas recirculation (external)
19 = e.g. footpedal, setpoint setting
6 = FCU = ZME = MPROP = fuel control unit
11 = exhaust turbo charger
14 = engine sensors ( e.g. speed, coolant temp., oil pressure)
20 = Signal light, -lamp

1,2,3,6,7,8,9,0,11,12,13 = Motor- Sensoren 
24 = Diagnosis plug 
16 = Signal light, -lamp
4 = engine main plug (X17 21 = ignition key (clamp 15) 
15 = indicating instrument
5 = ECU 
20 = switchable function (eg. fixed speed 1-2, droop 1-2 etc.) 
14 = Battery (clamp 31, 30)
22 = Diagnosis button 
19 = clutch switch
23 = Diagnosis lamp 
18 = e.g. footpedal, setpoint setting

Diagnostic interface
The engine control units EMR3-S and EMR3-E have three interfaces via which the control unit data hardware can access the appropriate communication hardware (e.g. SERDIA USB interface) and diagnosis software (e.g. SERDIA). These are
  • the ISO-9141 bus (with KWP-2000 protocol, only K-line),
  • the CAN-bus 1 (with SAE-J-1939 protocol),
  • the CAN-bus 2 (not used at the moment).
The wiring between the diagnosis socket and the engine control unit is done by the customer and is usually integrated in the cable harness of the application interface vehicle - control unit. The DEUTZ wiring instructions for CAN-bus cables must be observed. The ISO-9141 bus wiring between the control unit and the communication hardware should not exceed a total length of 15 m to achieve good signal quality.
´The KWP2000 protocol cannot be viewed and can only be used by the DEUTZ diagnosis software SERDIA. The SAE-J-1939 protocol on the other hand is internationally standardised and can be used with any CAN diagnosis hardware and software. For this, standard messages are selected from the set of the SAE-J-1939 protocol by DEUTZ via control unit parameterization which are sent regularly to the bus by the control unit. The configuration of the CAN messages is determined in predefined CAN function scopes from which the customer selects a suitable one for the engine application when ordering the engine. An adaptation of the CAN messages to individual conditions is only possible in agreement with the DEUTZ head office.
The control unit also provides the possibility of outputting a blink code according to the currently available errors in the event of an error. The error lamp and the diagnostic key must be connected for a diagnosis in this case. The diagnostic button is connected to the K-line of the ISO-9141 bus.
Accidental actuation of the button during ISO communication leads to the connection being broken and the diagnostic program must be restarted.

Control unit EMR3-S (EDC 16 UC 40)
The engine control unit EMR3-S has two connecting sockets arranged on the top of the housing:
  • socket D2.1 for connecting the engine cable harness,
  • socket D2.2 for connecting the vehicle/device side cable harness.

Pinout for the ECU EMR3-S (EDC 16 UC 40)

Control unit EMR3-E (EDC 7 UC 31)
The engine control unit EMR3-E has three connecting sockets arranged on the top of the housing:
  • socket D2.1 for connecting the vehicle/device side cable harness,
  • socket D2.2 for connecting the engine cable harness for sensors and actuators,
  • socket D2.3 for connecting the engine cable harness for the fuel measuring unit and fuel injectors.
Pin assignment

Pinout for ECU EMR3-E (EDC 7 UC 31)

Circuit diagrams

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