Detroit Diesel Series 60 EGR - Автозапчасти и автоХитрости

Автозапчасти и автоХитрости
Автозапчасти и автоХитрости
Автозапчасти и автоХитрости
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Двигатель Detroit Diesel Series 60 EGR

  • AKA Also Known As
  • CEL Check Engine Light
  • CAC Charge Air Cooler
  • Delta P Differential Pressure
  • DDEC Detroit Diesel Electronic Controls
  • DPS Delta P Sensor
  • DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code
  • ECM Electronic Control Module (aka ECU)
  • ECU Electronic Control Unit (aka ECM)
  • EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  • ESC Abbreviation on a Computer Keyboard for 'Escape'
  • FMI Failure Mode Indentifier
  • KRPM RPM X 1000
  • kPa Kilopascals
  • PID Parameter Identification
  • PSI Pounds per Square Inch
  • PWM Pulse Width Modulation
  • RHS Relative Humidity Sensor
  • RPM Revolutions per Minute
  • SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
  • SEL Stop Engine Light
  • SID System Identification
  • S Pipe Pipe Shaped Like an 'S'
  • VGT Variable Geometry Turbocharger (aka VNT)
  • VNT Variable Nozzle Turbocharger (aka VGT)
  • VOM Volt Ohm Meter
  • VPOD Variable Pressure Output (Orifice) Device
  • < Less Than
  • > Greater Than

To read codes, use the Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL).
Some vehicle dashboard displays will show SAE faults

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