Читаем схемы JAC - Автозапчасти и автоХитрости

Автозапчасти и автоХитрости
Автозапчасти и автоХитрости
Автозапчасти и автоХитрости
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Читаем электро схемы грузовиков JAC

  1. B1: representing the power line which supplies power to cab electrical box through electrical box fuse SF02 of chassis
  2. B3: representing the power line which supplies power to cab electrical box through electrical box fuse SF04 of chassis
  3. IGN2: supply line for gear ON of ignition switch
  4. Skip sign: representing method for skip within system; 32 representing the line is directly connected to wire harness of wire size 32
  5. Wire color & wire diameter: representing method for wire color & wire diameter; BrR representing the wire is brown red and its diameter is 0.5 mm
  6. Component name: representing the name of the component
  7. Internal circuit: representing the wire is internal circuit of module or assembly and only for the reference of the tendency of internal circuit; in case of repairing, please replace the assembly as suggested
  8. GROUND: ground wire; other than ground wire connection itself in electrical circuit, all wire harness should be grounded through this wire
  9. Reference coordinate of electrical circuit: reference coordinate; each wire has its own coordinate setting for the convenience of finding and positioning of wire harness; each system has its own coordinate system
  10. Plug terminal: representing method for plug; B09-10 representing number 10 pin of plug B09
  11. Ground point: definition of ground point; G005 representing the wire get grounded to vehicle body through ground wire point G005; refer to distribution diagram of ground wire points for specific positions
  12. Skip information: representing component name connected with wire harness and corresponding plug terminal; the component to be connected is not main part in its system
  13. Circuit drawing No.: description of circuit drawing No.; it is used to distinguish different drawings
  14. Page break sign: description of connection of previous page and next page; representing the wire harness to be connected to same code of previous page or next page
  15. Fuse information: F35 15A representing that the wire harness passes through fuse with code F35 and maximum current value 15 A. Refer to electrical box for specific position of fuse F35
  16. ACC: supply line for gearACC of ignition switch
  17. IGN1: supply line for gear ON of ignition switch
  18. B2: representing the power line which supplies power to cab electrical box through electrical box fuse SF03 of chassis

Internal logo for circuit diagram

Non-detachable type guide wire jointing(usually used in the wire harness)

Component internal guide wire connection (non-detachable)

Component connector connection

Wiring harness connector connection

Crossed guide wires, no joint at the crossing

Twisted pair: guide wires twisted together

Shielded wire: One measure preventing electromagnetic interference of other equipment

Fuse/blown fuse: that will be blown under large current, to interrupt current and prevent the circuit from damage

Battery:to provide direct current for all kinds of electrical components on vehicle

Ground wire point: Point connected on the metal part of vehicle body

Resistance:Electrical element with fixed resistance

Speaker: Electrical device will generate sound wave when current passes through

Variable resistance: One kind of controllable electrical resistor with rated value of variable resistance; it is also referred to as voltage divider or variable resistor

Capacitance: Storage cell of small size for storing voltage temporarily

Diode: Semiconductor which only allows one-way circulating of current

Luminescence diode (LED): Give out light with current but will not generate heat when giving out light

Bulb: Current passes through light,gets it warming up and giving out light.

Switch: Turn on or off electrical circuit to allow or stop current passing through

Starter: start engine

Motor: Converting electrical energy to mechanical energy

Cigarette lighter/heater strip: One resistance heating element

Relay: meaning the switch controlled electronically

Double-throw relay: Having current passing through either group of contact in two groups of contact

Solenoid valve: One kind of electromagnetic coil which can generate magnetic field when current passes through

Term Abbreviations

Description of Guide Wire Color

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